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Made In Thailand
       YCH Group co.,Ltd. established in 2010, by Mr. Ast Suebsri and Mr. Apichat Suebsri as a manufacturer of packaging machinery for pharmaceutical , has become one of the most recognizable companies in Thailand. We aspire to bring the highest quality of packaging machines to customers In Thailand. With “High respond High Quality ” as our core business philosophy, we emphasize mutual respect between our staff and our clients, seeking common interests and benefits while working hard to bring the products that we can proud of.
       Products manufactured by YCH Group co.,Ltd.. mainly include tablet and capsule blister and Film coating machine for pharmaceutical and automated packaging machines for consumer goods products and others. In order to meet the specific needs of each client, we custom build machines according to each client’s requirements, while also focusing on the end-user, thus achieving great results in production quality at the minimum possible cost.
       YCH Group co.,ltd.. looking to be a leader in this fast-paced business, creating new markets and pursuing development by investing more than 20% of our annual revenues in research and development efforts.
YCH group co.,ltd. as well as fulfilling international standards. With our unique systems, we are certain that we can contribute in improving productivity and product quality for all of our pharmaceutical and consumer goods product clients.

2013 Make Thermoforming machine for Medical Equipment packaging machine For "B Bruan"
2013 New Factory plant Project.
2013 Propack Asia 2013 Exhibition Show
2013 Make Back card Blister packing machine for Hot Glue packaging
2013 Make Lid paper seal for Medical Equipment packaging machine For "B Bruan"
2013 Food Pack Asia 2013 Exhibition Show
2012 Make Back card Blister packing machine by gripper chain system for Toothbrush packing for FTB.
2012 Make value Over 1Million USD.
2012 Make Rotary Back card Blister packing machine
2012 Make Back card Blister packing machine for Toothbrush packing for JMTG and J&J
2011 Make First Film coating machine for Seven star
2011 Propak Asia 2011 Exhibition Show
2010 Make First machine under YCH Brand to OLIC Thailand co.,ltd.
2010 Propak Asia 2010 Exhibition Show
2010 Establish YCH Group Co.,ltd.  by Mr. Ast Suebsri and Mr. Apichat Suebsri
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