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Condom  packing machine.

Servo+Gripper+Cam System
YCH Auto blister packaging machine is flat type machine model. YCH Group is brand of Thailand origin for packing of coated, uncoated tablet, capsule, caplets, capsules, consumer goods, cosmetic , electronic parts, auto part and more.. Machine designed for easily operate, quick setup, material save, easily maintain, strong. The machine feature consist of
  1. Machine design for medical equipment or medicine packaging, all flame part made from aluminum profile, Al5083, Al6063, Al7075, SUS304, and all part contact product use SUS316. All Aluminum part have anodize or hard anodize process for long time use.
  2. Main driven motor with overload protected (Torque limit by Amp.).
  3. Flat type blister packing machine forming station with compressor air blow form system. (Point blow not cover blow)And combine between air blow and vacuum with plug.
  4. All status of machine show on HMI touch-screen 7 ,can adjust or control on HMI touch-screen.,Upper preheat, Lower preheat, Forming mold temp (cooling system temp.), Sealing station, Perforation station, Stroke distance
  5. Degree of working position
  6. All working station protect by Safety door alarm and machine stop
  7. Film exhausted alarm and machine stop.
  8. Alu foil exhausted alarm and machine stop.
  9. Back card exhausted alarm and machine stop.
  10. Waste torn alarm and machine stop.
  11. 3 EMG. stop button control panel, front and rear machine position.
  12. Driven motor speed control adjust on HMI touch-screen.
  13. Blowing forming time adjust on HMI touch-screen.
  14. All station machine moving by cam mechanism system.
  15. Film moving and stoke adjust on HMI touch-screen though to servo drive.
  16. Sealing pattern point knurling 0.6, 0.8, 1.0
  17. Buzzer alarm before automatic machine running.
  18. One minute forming, sealing mold change.
  19. Free space for label printing
  20. Heat and dust extraction system
  21. Discharge conveyer.
  22. PLC and HMI control system with arm swing style.
  23. 1 set of mold
  24. Sealing station up when machine stop.
  25. Edge trim station with DC-53,SKH-51, SKH-53 hardness 60-65 HRC
Made In Thailand
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Condom Packing Machine

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